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Hybrid Cloud Solution

Cloud Assert hybrid cloud management platform framework is an open ecosystem that consistently supports the entire application lifecycle. This helps developers, IT operations, business leaders, etc in managing resources and applications across the multi-cloud and traditional environments by increasing the visibility, governance, and automation.

Cloud Billing Solution

Even before thinking about cost optimization and controlling your cloud cost, you need to have a clear understanding of how the cost is originated within the enterprise. It is also essential to know the money spent on services, environment support, and systems. Full visibility into the cost spectrum is crucial to exactly understand the spending pattern of the organization.

IT Service Management and Automation

Enterprises want to ensure that they are keeping up with the current trends of the cloud. Significantly they require to modernize and automate their infrastructure services and data centers, more effectively they can reduce operational cost and can use the cloud power to their fullest.

Cloud Solution Provider

As a reseller, you can sell Microsoft CSP to your customers through Marketplace. Both Tier 1 and Tier 2 are supported. With Cloud Assert CSP, customers can purchase the license and usage-based solutions. Reseller can be charged based on customer purchases. Customers can utilize exclusive in-products tools to provision, support and manage customer subscriptions. Customers can seamlessly pack own tools, services, and products and blend to the annual or monthly bill.

Discovery and Migration

Hybrid cloud model helps you integrate your private and public infrastructures but what if it you need to migrate your existing workloads between private to public cloud? Workload swapping is possible with Hybr where you can migrate to Azure swith few steps.

Cloud Governance

Enterprises are benefitted from the cloud, the most crucial part is implementing the appropriate governance. When you manage a business in the cloud, few rules have to have complied.

Accelerate your Cloud Business with Cloud Assert Products

Microsoft Azure Stack Hub is a great platform of choice for enterprises to provide cloud services within their datacenter and for service providers to deliver modern cloud services for their customers

Azure Stack Hub Billing

Cloud Assert Billing for Azure Stack Hub enables billing and chargeback within Azure Stack portal.

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Azure Stack Hub VConnect

Azure Stack Hub VConnect integrate various clouds and virtualization platforms with Azure Stack Hub to have a unified cloud experience.

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Windows Azure Pack provides a flexible and open cloud platform that enables the user to swiftly build, deploy and manage applications. It helps to transform enterprises from their present infrastructure by cost optimization and bring in agility.

Azure Pack Billing

Usage and billing solution for WAP is a clear and straight forward platform for enterprises and service providers for managing the utilization and cost.

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Azure Pack VConnect

VConnect is a single solution for maintaining all the platforms like VMware, System Center, Azure, Aws, OpenStack, Veeam or Commvault resources.

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Discover Hybrid Cloud Solutions for your Azure Stack HCI

Enable multi-tenancy and self-service provisioning experience in Azure Stack HCI with consumption-based metering and billing solutions for your customers by leveraging Hybr. It acts as a one-stop-shop for all your investments across datacenter platforms, private and public clouds environments.

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Hybr® SDX Datacenter - Unified Portal for all your Cloud Needs

Hybr is a hybrid cloud management platform that helps an enterprise manage multiple clouds and On-premise data centre in a unified self-service portal.

It offers workload life cycle management, cost management and has a Market Place that helps resellers and distributors sell IT solutions and services such as Microsoft CSP.

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    Cloud Assert Services

    Cloud Platform Migration Services

    Cloud Platform Migration Services

    We help customers migrate with a smooth transition from their existing infrastructure to an Azure infrastructure.

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    Cloud Application Development

    Cloud Application Development

    Build & develop an array of cloud based applications for companies planning to move to the cloud.

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    Enterprise Cloud Consulting Services

    Enterprise Cloud Consulting Services

    Reach your business goals faster with our end-to-end Cloud Consulting Service for enterprises.

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    Enterprise IT Cloud Services

    Leverage the benefits & solve the difficulties related to structure with our cloud based IT enterprise services.

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    Data Center

    Data Center Automation & Modernization

    We automate your workflow and expand infrastructure capabilities within any data center facility.

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    Cloud IT Managed Services

    Cloud IT Managed Services

    Integrate your cloud and traditional infrastructures with Cloud Assert managed cloud services.

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