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Billing for Microsoft Azure Stack Hub

Cloud Assert is the only provider of Billing and Commerce platform for Microsoft Azure Stack Hub that has native integration inside Azure Stack Portal UI and Azure Resource Manager API as a Resource Provider. It allows Enterprises, Service Providers, Re-sellers and End Users to view, track and manage their resource consumption and billing from the same single portal.

Cloud Assert's Billing and Commerce platform is a matured, battle proven solution with many flexible options to customize to suite diverse marketing and sales needs.

Cloud Assert's Billing solution will provide you the quickest way to offer rich solution on top of Microsoft Azure Stack for all your Charge-back, Show-back, Billing and reporting needs.

Gives an overview of the most utilized resource per cost, subscriptions with highest usage cost, trend analysis of cost and azure stack quota consumption status

Metered Resource Pricing

These are list of meters that are used to set different prices for different resources that can be created in cloud platforms such as MAS. Once the tenant creates a resource, the usage cost for the resource will be computed based on the price set for the subsequent meter.

Types of Credits

Billing solution for Microsoft Azure Stack allows the administrator to set credits for the tenants. There are five types of credits, they are as follows:

Recurring Credit

Recurring credit is a credit amount that is given as discount for every month to the users who register for Billing service in their subscription or those who make use of the Billing service.

One-Time Credit

As the name indicates one-time credit expires over a period. Any tenant who subscribe for this offer gets a discount for a number of days from the date of registering the Billing service.

User Credit

Billing solution allows the admin to set credits for individual users. Credits can be set to user irrespective of the number of subscriptions that is been registered against the Billing service.

Unit Credit

Unit credit is given for the meters of resource while configuring a ‘Pay-As-You-Go’ pricing profile.

Pricing Profile

The Pricing Profiles allows the administrator to set price for each resource and its meters that are specified by the resource providers. The Billing solution for Microsoft Azure Stack allows the administrators to create three type of pricing profiles:

Fixed Payment

A Fixed Payment pricing profile does not require any meter of resource provider to be configured. A fixed cost is calculated for any number/type of resources used by the tenant. The fixed cost can be given either as Monthly fee, One-Time fee or combination of both. For monthly fee, the cost for first month is prorated from the date of subscription. Similarly, it is prorated for the last month of subscription until the Subscription deleted date. As the name implies the One-Time fee (No proration) will apply to the subscription for one time only. The number of resources that can be created by the tenant is specified by the admin as part of quota settings while adding its service in the plan.


A Pay-As-You-Go pricing profile requires meters of resource providers to be configured to generate the usage cost. Administrator can set a desired price for each meter of a resource provider; the usage cost of the resource is calculated accordingly.

Fixed Payment + Pay-As-You-Go

As the name specifies, it’s a combination of fixed payment and pay-as-you-go. A minimum fixed amount can be set in the pricing profile along with it, price for meters of various resource providers are set inside the pricing profile.


Usage History

The usage history in billing solution allows the administrator to view the usage costs of all registered tenants. Additionally, viewing current month usage and displays the previous usage cost.


The Billing solution for Microsoft Azure Stack generates the invoices on third of every month. The invoices for the selected subscription can be seen under the ‘Invoices’ extension.

Quota Summary

The Billing solution in Microsoft Azure Stack allows the administrators to view the quota consumption summary and trend for service providers of all registered tenant users.

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