Legacy modernization

A digital transformation

Tailored Solutions to modernize your Legacy systems


Legacy modernization: A digital transformation

Legacy modernization is the act of updating an old system to make it more modern and efficient. It helps reduce IT expenses, enhance flexibility, teamwork, and reliability. Think of it as a software upgrade that combines the reliability of old business applications with modern technologies to create a solid foundation for your business.


The Need for Modernization

It's time to start

Application modernization is not a one-time event; rather, it is a progressive journey. The process is incremental and unique to each organization. It involves the implementation of various technologies like cloud computing, mobility solutions, advanced analytics, and cybersecurity measures and so on..
Legacy application modernization follows an iterative approach that allows you to adapt your IT ecosystem according to present and future business requirements, establishing a flexible foundation for future innovations.
With Cloud Assert's Application Modernization team, you can outline the scope of your legacy system modernization project and develop a step-by-step implementation roadmap aligned with your priorities. Our approach emphasizes making gradual, low-risk improvements to core systems instead of completely overhauling what already functions effectively.


Modernization Approaches

This approach involves discarding the existing application and adopting one of the below Modernization Approaches. While technically simple, it can be emotionally difficult for IT due to the perceived loss of control.


This approach involves redeploying the application to a different environment. Rehosting is relatively easy since it only requires changes to the hardware infrastructure


With the refactor approach, code or configuration changes are made to connect the application to new infrastructure services. The level of difficulty in refactoring depends on the required code changes.


The revise approach involves modifying or extending the existing code to meet legacy modernization requirements. Afterward, the rehost or refactor options can be used to deploy the application to the cloud.


The rebuild approach entails discarding the existing application code and re-architecting the solution on a provider's application platform, typically using a new container. It is easier than the revise approach since the old code is not retained.


This approach involves discarding the existing application and adopting a commercial Software as a Service (SaaS) solution. While technically simple, it can be emotionally difficult for IT due to the perceived loss of control.


Modernization Services

To make an informed decision, it's advisable to You can book a consultation with the Cloud Assert team, who can assess the current state of your system and develop a customized modernization strategy.

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Legacy Application Modernization Services We Offer

At Cloud Assert, we provide a range of services to help you modernize your legacy applications. Here are the key services we offer

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Assessment of Modernization Strategy

If you find yourself in any of the following situations, an assessment is essential to finalize your migration strategy:

  • Lack of clarity regarding the state of your legacy application
  • Uncertainty about which modernization option to choose
  • Questionable software system quality
  • Desire to establish a consistent software modernization strategy

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Legacy Application Upgrade

Regular maintenance and timely upgrades are crucial for a secure and stable IT infrastructure. We offer cloud application modernization upgrade services, providing the following benefits:

  • Upgrading outdated custom solutions, frameworks, libraries, and third-party tools to newer versions
  • Improved performance, easier future development, and enhanced security
  • The current software version is no longer supported
  • You desire new language features and bug fixes to enhance performance

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Desktop to Web Application Migration

If you encounter the following challenges, our Desktop to Web Migration services can help:

  • Inability to keep up with evolving user expectations
  • Current system's incapacity to handle the workload effectively
  • Need for a mobile-friendly system compatible with multiple devices
  • Escalating support costs for outdated software

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API Integrations

Legacy transformation often involves system integration hurdles when combining various data types. We specialize in API integrations, and our services are valuable if you face the following issues:

  • Application inflexibility impacting business flow
  • Extensive network of data sources
  • Underutilization of organizational data
  • Requirement for compliance-specific APIs (such as HIPAA or PCI)

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