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Enable Multi-Tenancy with Self-Service Provisioning Experience


Discover Hybrid Cloud Solutions for your Azure Stack HCI

Enable multi-tenancy and self-service provisioning experience in Azure Stack HCI with consumption-based metering and billing solutions for your customers by leveraging Hybr. It acts as a one-stop-shop for all your investments across datacenter platforms, private and public clouds environments.

*Check with your Microsoft sales about the licensing terms for Azure Stack HCI, if you need any assistance,please reach out to Cloud Assert

Leverage Multi-Cloud Features for your Azure Stack HCI with Hybr®

Hybr® Multi-Cloud Features namely VM Provisioning & Management, Tenant Networks and Micro-segmentation, Approval Workflows, Governance and Policy Management, Usage Metering, and Backups are now available for Azure Stack HCI.

Hybr® Multi-Tenancy Identity Integration

Enable Tenant users to sign in from one or more organizations with their own Azure AD or AD FS for seamless Authentication and Authorization.

Hybr can enable Azure Stack HCI to be used in multi-tenanted fashion, e.g., each Business Unit or Department could have their own virtual networks and workloads isolated from other teams/units.

Get Started with Hybr® SDX Datacenter

Hybr can help Service Providers that manage AzS HCI environments owned by end customers. Service Providers can add each AzS HCI environment to Hybr and manage it in a central portal. Also, end users from customer orgs can use Hybr self-service portal to manage their respective AzS HCI workloads.

Note: Microsoft does not enable SPLA licensing for Azure Stack HCI. As a Service Provider if you want to offer private cloud infrastruture as a shared service to the external customers then look at the System Center/ Hyper-V Integrations with Hybr.

Get Started with Hybr® SDX Datacenter

Hybr® Multi-Tenancy SDN & Micro Segmentation

  • N/W virtualization: switching, routing, load balancing, firewalling with micro-segmentation, and Remote access
  • Abstract tenant workloads from physical network
  • Multi-tenant isolation on a shared physical network fabric improves security
  • Define and control policies that govern both physical and virtual networks
  • Consistently implement network policies at scale Contain security vulnerabilities from spreading across the network
  • Contain security vulnerabilities from spreading across the network
  • Other security features: Encrypted Virtual Networks using DTLS; Firewall auditing; Egress metering

Hybr® Multi-Tenancy Service Design & Chargeback

  • Enable required services into unique plans and map it with offers
  • Create unique service quotas, plans and offers
  • Control which services or features are enabled to customers
  • Monitor and track resource consumption and chargeback tenant customers

Spotlight Cloud Assert Azure Stack HCI Solutions

SDN Monitoring

Admins can view the health of Software Load Balancer, Network Controller, SDN host, Virtual Gateway Pool, Public and Private IP Pools.

Virtual Networks

Enable secure network connections and manage between virtual resources. Configure Datacenter Firewall by creating access control lists (ACLs) that get applied to a network subnet and control the network flow.

Plan Configuration

Create plans and link services such as VConnect for mulit-cloud management, Billing for utilization tracking, Service catalog to list your offers. Also, allocate tenant Quota, control and enable features for tenants, Set workflow for resource provisioning, etc.

Virtual Machines

Create, configure and manage virtual machines in Azure Stack HCI with Custom operations such as add disk, delete disk, Attach Network, Detach Network, Mount/ unmount ISO etc.


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