Azure Stack Hub Multi-Stamp Management

Manage and Operate Multiple Azure Stack Hub Stamps with Ease & Efficiency

Azure Stack Hub Multi-Stamp management enables you to manage and take actions across multiple stamp instances from a single Azure Stack Hub portal with one-pane of glass experience. It provides a holistic way for operators and administrators to perform many of their scenarios from a single portal without switching between various stamp portals. This is a comprehensive solution from Cloud Assert leveraging Cloud Assert VConnect and Usage and billing resource providers for Azure Stack Hub.


Operator Scenarios

Manage Multiple AzS Hub Stamps

Allows to monitor all the connected or disconnected stamps in the organization in a single view​

Provides composite / aggregated intuitive views across stamps for operators to make quick decisions

Offers a single pool of infrastructure for operators to monetize the value of Azure Stacks in their organizations​

Marketplace Management

Provides a powerful view and enable actions to keep marketplace items synchronized across the stamps​

Optimize performance and save bandwidth while downloading items from Azure​

Offers effective ways to manage different versions of marketplace items​

Allows triggering multiple downloads across multiple stamps at the same time​

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VM Image / VHD Management

Ability to add VM images to multiple stamps at the same time​

Optimize performance and save bandwidth while publishing VM images across stamps​

Synchronize VM Images and maintain consistent versions across multiple stamps

Usage and Billing

Shows utilization across various resources like storage accounts, virtual machines, public IP addresses​

Provides a comparison view on utilization view across stamps​

Our billing solution now support collecting usage from multiple instances and generating aggregated reports and invoices​

Diagnostics & Alerts

Trigger log collection across stamps and monitor its status in a single place​

Provides a collated view of alerts across stamps

Ability to remediate issues by taking appropriate actions and close alerts

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Tenant Services

Operators can group and link subscriptions for a user to enable aggregated views across different stamps​​

This enables tenant users to efficiently manage resources across their different subscriptions in various stamps in one place​​

Also lets tenant users provision resources in their subscriptions that are across stamps​​

Email Reports

Operators can configure customized emails with summary reports scheduled to be delivered in regular intervals​

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Capacity and Infrastructure Management

Visibility into capacity in the stamps across different metrics such as Storage, IP address, memory, etc.,

Enables you to monitor the health of the individual stamp resource providers and their infrastructure roles from a single portal​

Visibility into over-utilized and under-utilized stamps​

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