Billing automation and subscription management platform for Microsoft CSP partners

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Automate your Microsoft CSP Business with Hybr® Reseller Commerce Platform

Offer your customers the richest self-service portal experience with the ultimate marketplace to sell value-added cloud offerings along with Microsoft CSP services for increasing their lifetime value and stickiness.


Simplify your customers management tasks with unique revenue margins by integrating your partner center with Hybr.

Customer self-provisioning experience to purchase and manage CSP licenses with forecasted reports, invoices, etc.


CSP Provisioning and Billing Capabilities

  • Self-service portal experience for customers and enable automatic provisioning with Partner Center integration
  • Provides battle proven billing and commerce platform with flexible pricing profiles
  • Profit visibility for selling license, usage and service based subscriptions
  • System generated invoices supports multi-currency and multi-languages
  • Bundle your own cloud offerings with Microsoft CSP services
  • Invoice can be segregated based on licenses, usages, etc.,


The Cloud Assert CSP automation platform enables you to offer an ultimate Marketplace experience for your end-customers where you can bundle and sell your own value-added cloud solutions along with Microsoft CSP services such as O365, Dynamic 365, Azure subscriptions, etc., for higher profit margins and increasing customer life time value and stickiness.

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  • A robust CSP automation platform that integrate with the Microsoft Partner Center and Distributor platform with ease and efficiency
  • Automated billing and invoicing integration into your accounting system
  • Seamless purchase experience for your customers and that saves your considerable time
  • Compliant with the Microsoft changes and updates and stayed ahead of the competition


Hybr CSP portal allows you to bundle Microsoft cloud solutions, third party SaaS products (including the ones below) and makes it easy to
add your own services and solutions instantly as a offering to the customers.

Cloud Platform Migration Services


From ordering to provisioning and subscriptions billing via Cloud Assert Microsoft CSP platform

Cloud Platform Migration Services


Alert thresholds on-top of budgets via Budget Alerts

Cloud Platform Migration Services


Less administration tasks and involvement in manual licences’ provisioning

Drop an email to or sign up for a free trial. Our team of experts would connect with you to help you get started with Hybr® for your specific automation and billing needs.

Yes, your free trial is valid for 30 days. You can activate your paid license for the same subscription.

Hybr® for your CSP automation and billing is licensed based on your Microsoft invoice. Reach for the price quote for your business.

Yes, Hybr® offers a self-service portal for customers to manage their subscriptions and services.

Yes, Hybr® tracks the usages and generates accurate reports and invoices with rich insights.

Yes, you can manage and sell non-Microsoft services in Hybr® curated marketplace.

You can reach for any immediate assistance.

Yes, Hybr® supports multi-tenancy. It also helps you manage your multiple customers and their CSP subscriptions from a single interface.

Hybr® enables resellers to offer cloud subscriptions, Microsoft products, and related services to their customers. It serves as a centralized platform where resellers can handle various aspects of their business, including provisioning, billing, and customer management, making it easier to deliver a seamless and successful reselling experience.

Hybr® marketplace facilitates the distribution of products and services, making it easier for users to discover, purchase, and manage cloud-related solutions. It provides a centralized hub for selling and buying cloud-based products and services.

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Hybr®SDX Datacenter

It offers workload life cycle management, cost management and has a Market Place that helps
resellers and distributors sell IT solutions and services such as Microsoft CSP.

Find some of the technical information that includes the key features of Hybr, Pre-requisites to be taken care for the POC and Production environments, installation details, and its latest release notes.

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Cloud Assert has been trusted by Fortune 100 Companies as a Leader in Hybrid Cloud Management, Cost Management and Billing since 2014.

Cloud Assert work closely with Microsoft teams and our customers in building Hybr VConnect and Billing solutions to complement Microsoft Azure Stack adoption and to deliver a powerful hybrid cloud platform.

We're glad that customers can now take advantage of all the great features of Azure Stack without impacting existing infrastructure investments


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A concrete roadmap to transform your organization for a cloud orientation.

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Cloud Assert team is made of Ex-Microsoft managers and IT leaders across the spectrum

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