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How to Survive the VMware Fiasco and build trust with your customers using HYBR®?

How to Survive the VMware Fiasco and build trust with your customers using HYBR®?

Don’t let the VMware Fiasco ruin your cloud business and customer satisfaction.

Author: Arun Krishnan/Friday, February 16, 2024/Categories: General, Hybr

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In the ever-evolving and fast-paced world of technology, the ability to adapt swiftly to new trends, innovations, and changes is not just beneficial but absolutely essential.  If you are a VMware customer or partner, you might be feeling anxious and frustrated by the recent changes that Broadcom has made to VMware’s products,

licensing, and partner program. Broadcom, which acquired VMware in November 2023, has announced that it will no longer sell perpetual licenses for VMware products, terminate the existing VMware partner program, and replace it with a new one that will invite only a select few partners to join. These changes have left many VMware users and resellers uncertain and confused, wondering how to continue using and selling VMware solutions without losing their investments, customers, and competitive edge.

Also, the recent discontinuation of VMware’s free version of ESXi has created a significant disruption in the virtualization space, leaving many users in a quandary, searching for reliable alternatives. Some have even expressed their anger and frustration on social media and online forums, calling the situation a “VMware Fiasco”.

If you are looking for a way to navigate the VMware Fiasco, we have some good news for you. There is a platform that can help you overcome the challenges posed by Broadcom’s decisions and provide you with a better and cost-effective alternative to VMware.

That platform is HYBR®, a white-labelled on-premises and SaaS-based multi-tenant super app platform that delivers multiple integrated services to facilitate various enterprise and service provider scenarios. This blog post will explain how Hybr helps navigate the VMware Fiasco and deliver a superior customer experience with a powerful marketplace and billing automation.


What is HYBR®?

Hybr is a cutting-edge cloud management platform that offers first-class integration to the data center, public, and private/ hybrid cloud platforms and a seamless transition from VMware through a modern self-service experience customized to meet super-critical business needs across pillars such as Cloud Ops, Cloud FinOps & Cost Management, Reseller Commerce, and Billing with a robust Marketplace experience.

You can have multiple nodes and clusters within the Azure Stack HCI environment. Microsoft enables multiple options for you to manage resources in Azure Stack HCI conveniently using the Windows Admin Center or the Azure Portal via Azure Arc. Additionally, you can implement Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) for these resources and apply software-defined networking (SDN) based isolation for your workloads.

Hybr provides a robust, user-friendly, cost-effective solution for managing and optimizing hybrid and multi-cloud environments. With its unified billing experience, it helps you manage & automate usage reporting, track metered resource consumption, generate analytical views, and bill customers against subscriptions across private and public cloud platforms. Hybr has a sophisticated billing engine with granular billing rules where you can assign a monetary value to any service or resource offered. Aggregate costs from various services such as Azure, Amazon, or GCP and generate reports and invoices with costs allocated to companies, departments, and/or teams.

Hybr has a powerful business intelligence feature that connects to any data source, from cloud services to on-premises, using the Common Cost Data Format (CCDF) and enables you to create interactive dashboards and reports that aggregate, analyze, and visualize your data in interactive and engaging ways.  With its drag-and-drop interface and advanced features such as filters, drill-downs, and more, you can customize and build your meaningful dashboards and reports.  Basically, you will get powerful analytics at your fingertips for all the services you offer to your customers.

In addition, Hybr features a powerful cost analysis workbench that helps you optimize your cloud usage and cost efficiency. It allows you to monitor data processing, cost allocation, and cost budget features to help you control your spending and identify opportunities for savings. Furthermore, you can set up events and action groups to trigger alerts and actions based on predefined conditions, such as exceeding a budget threshold or reaching a certain usage level. Essentially, Hybr provides a comprehensive solution for managing your cloud services effectively and efficiently.


How HYBR® Helps Navigate the VMware Fiasco

Hybr stands out for its user-centric approach, real-time insights, and reliability. Here are some of the benefits of using Hybr:

  • Hybr supports regional data regulations and compliance standards by allowing customers to choose where their data is stored and processed. Unlike VMware, which is now owned by Broadcom, a US-based company that may be subject to data privacy laws such as the CLOUD Act, Hybr gives you the freedom and control over your data sovereignty and security.

  • Hybr provides a seamless migration path from VMware to a modern, self-service platform that supports multiple cloud providers, including Hyper-V/ System Center, without any downtime or disruption to your workloads.

  • Hybr offers a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) by providing a subscription-based pricing model that allows you to pay only for what you use and scale up or down as needed. Hybr also helps you reduce your operational costs by automating and simplifying your cloud management and billing processes.

  • Hybr delivers a richer customer experience, allowing you to provide your customers with an intuitive, user-friendly and customizable portal to browse, purchase, and manage cloud services from various providers. Your customers can also view their billing and usage details, download invoices and reports, and request support right within the Hybr portal.

  • Hybr supports Role-Based Access Control (RBAC), a security model that allows you to define different levels of access and permissions for your customers and their users. With Hybr, your customers can create and manage their own organizations and assign roles and permissions, which are logical groups of users and resources within the platform.

  • Hybr gives you a competitive edge over other VMware resellers, allowing you to offer your customers a unique and differentiated value proposition. You can create your own branding, logo, and colors for the HYBR portal and customize the services and pricing profiles that you offer to your customers. In addition, you can also leverage the Hybr marketplace to sell your own value-added services and solutions along with your cloud service offerings that increase your customer's lifetime value and stickiness.

Building Trust in with your customer Hybr®

Hybr is Cloud Assert's flagship product and is committed to providing a reliable and user-centric solution. Hybr is the platform of choice for businesses of all sizes and sectors worldwide. From Fortune 500 giants to small and medium enterprises, from service providers to end-users, Hybr delivers unparalleled customer value and satisfaction. Don’t let the VMware Fiasco ruin your cloud business and customer satisfaction. With Hybr, you can ensure a smooth transition, efficient multi-cloud management, and significant cost savings.

Ready to navigate the VMware Fiasco with Hybr?

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