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VConnect 2.1.6 for Windows Azure Pack Now Available

We are pleased to announce the release of VConnect 2.1.6 for Windows Azure Pack to General Availability. 

What's New?

  1. Service Requests/Deployment Request:
    • Edit option for the failed deployments of the Service Requests in the tenant portal.
    • Edit and Upload file options included in the Deployment request details page for the tenants
Thursday, February 28, 2019/Author: Arun Krishnan/Number of views (309)/Comments (0)/ Article rating: 5.0

What is Windows Azure Pack alternative for System Center and Windows Server 2016 and beyond?

Introducing HYBR™ Enterprise for cross-cloud self-management and billing automation

HYBR™ is an independent platform built by Cloud Assert for cross-cloud self-management and billing automation that enables automation of workloads provisioning along with workflows and approval processes with flexible billing that gives the administrator total control over the customers’ policies, pricing profiles, subscriptions, invoices, and whatnot.

Wednesday, September 26, 2018/Author: Arun Krishnan/Number of views (2094)/Comments (8)/ Article rating: 5.0

How to Customize Virtual Network Adapters (NICs) for a VMware vCenter Virtual Machine in Windows Azure Pack

Cloud Assert Hybr VConnect enables the administrator to customize NICs for a Vcenter virtual machine

Virtual network adapters (NICs) can configure for a virtual machine by creating a virtual machine manager (VMM) hardware profile.

Monday, September 24, 2018/Author: Arun Krishnan/Number of views (1397)/Comments (13)/ Article rating: 5.0

Provision Linux VMs with Custom "root" Password using VConnect

A Step-by-Step Guide

Read this article for a step-by-step guide on how to extend the default VConnect Operations Templates using a PowerShell script to enable Tenants to configure custom password for the root user account while provisioning Linux VMs.
Friday, February 5, 2016/Author: Aravind Sundaresan/Number of views (2665)/Comments (6)/ Article rating: 5.0

Cloud Assert Usage & Billing - Usage Collector Extensibility with C# and PowerShell

Injecting non-WAP Usage details into billing pipeline using our C# based extensibility module

Does your business have Windows Azure Pack based private or hybrid Cloud deployed, but was limited by the set of Usage details captured by it for billing? Here is hot release with new feature additions to our 'Usage & Billing' solution, which enables simple C# code and Powershell script extensions to capture and inject custom Usage details into our Cloud Assert Billing pipeline, provide visibility in Windows Azure Pack Tenant Portal and leverage all the goodness of Cloud Assert Usage and Billing Solution.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015/Author: Jaganathan Krishnamoorthy/Number of views (5485)/Comments (8)/ Article rating: 4.4