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Navigating the Broadcom Storm: How Hybr Empowers VMware Customers Today and Beyond?

Navigating the Broadcom Storm: How Hybr Empowers VMware Customers Today and Beyond?

Hybr® can assist VMware users in overcoming challenges and optimizing their IT infrastructure.

Author: Praveen R/Wednesday, February 14, 2024/Categories: General, Hybr, VConnect, Usage and Billing

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Navigating the Broadcom Storm: How Hybr Empowers VMware Customers Today and Beyond?



In the evolving IT landscape, VMware has stood out as a beacon for virtualization and cloud computing solutions. Its products have revolutionized the way organizations deploy, manage, and scale their IT infrastructure.

However, as the technology landscape continues to shift, VMware users face a unique set of challenges that test their resilience, adaptability, and technical acumen. This article delves into the primary hurdles VMware users are currently navigating due to the recent acquisition by Broadcom and offers insights into potential solutions.

Broadcom Acquisition Concerns:

The recent acquisition of VMware by Broadcom has sent ripples through the tech industry, sparking discussions and concerns among businesses that have heavily invested in VMware's infrastructure. VMware has been a cornerstone for many companies' IT strategies, offering solutions that power their virtualization, cloud computing, and networking needs.

The acquisition raises questions about the future landscape of VMware's offerings and the implications for businesses that depend on them. Here's a closer look at the challenges these companies might face and strategies to navigate this new terrain.

The Challenges Faced by VMware Customers

The Broadcom acquisition brings with it a cloud of uncertainty—changes in service offerings, modifications in pricing, and potential overhauls in support structures. VMware customers find themselves seeking stability, flexibility, and clarity in their strategies.

The need for a solution that transcends these challenges has never been more critical. Hybr® offers solutions to several challenges, particularly in the context of the complexities introduced by the Broadcom acquisition.

Introducing Hybr®: The Hybrid/Multi-Cloud Management Platform


Hybr® offers a suite of solutions designed to alleviate these concerns, from Multi Cloud and Hybrid / Private Cloud support with Cloud Ops to Cost Management and Billing, gives operational efficiency, and strategic flexibility across a variety of cloud and virtualization environments.

Hybr® emerges as a comprehensive solution, offering a multi-tenant portal experience that simplifies the provisioning and management of resources across numerous platforms, including VMware vCenter, System Center/Hyper-V, Azure Stack HCI, Azure Stack Hub, and public clouds like Azure and AWS. Its single pane of glass approach provides a unified experience for all cloud management needs.

Let’s explore how Hybr® can assist VMware users in overcoming challenges and optimizing their IT infrastructure.

Challenge 1: Vendor lock-in, slowdown of Innovation and perception of limited availability of choices

Customers are concerned that Broadcom's focus on cost optimization could lead to a reduction in VMware's innovation pace and service quality. Customers now realize that they need to avoid single vendor lock-in and ensure long term business growth and innovation.

Solution: Multi-cloud and Hybrid Cloud Strategy

By implementing multi-cloud hybrid cloud strategy with Hybr®, organizations will no longer be dependent on VMware or for that matter any single vendor to deliver innovation and to stay at the forefront.

Hybr supports all leading on-premises virtualization and private cloud platforms, along with public cloud providers. For example, Hybr is the leading platform with extensive native VMWare vCenter support since version 5.0, and the only integration resource provider for Microsoft Azure Stack HUB private cloud.

With such powerful integrations, you can support any combination of technologies to your end users and customers. By abstracting the underlying platforms your end users don’t even need to know whether their workload is running in VMWare or Azure Stack HUB or Azure or AWS and easily migrate their workloads from one platform to another if necessary.

This diversification allows customers to leverage the best solutions from multiple providers, ensuring continuous innovation and high-quality services.

As Hybr helps bring various technologies together for seamless customer experience, Hybr is mindful to not become the sole source of information and thus our founding principle is to leverage the underlying platforms to store and manage mission critical workload information. For example workloads provisioned and managed with abstraction and automation from Hybr will continue to work directly without Hybr on all the platforms like VMWare, Azure Stack Hub and so on.

Hybr can automatically sync existing workloads from the platforms and provide multi-tenant self-service portal abstraction for both your administrators and end users. Administrators can quickly add guard rails with quotas, setup fine-grained access control, automation with template blueprints, custom script commands and much more through the Hybr Self-Service Admin Portal. End users retain the flexibility and have modern cloud like features to discover, provision and manage resources through the Hybr Self-Service Multi-Tenant Portal.


Challenge 2: Cost Increases and Support Structure Changes

Post-acquisition, there's a fear of rising costs and alterations to the support structure, potentially leading to decreased quality and responsiveness. Navigating the associated costs can be daunting, especially with potential changes in VMware's pricing structures post-acquisition.

Solution: Cost Optimization and Transparency

Hybr® helps you monitor and optimize cloud spending across different environments. It provides visibility into resource usage and corresponding costs, enabling businesses to identify inefficiencies and optimize resource allocation. By offering insights into the cost implications of deploying workloads in various environments, Hybr® helps companies make informed decisions that align with their budgetary constraints and operational needs.


Challenge 3: Complex Workload Management Across Environments

The acquisition raises questions about the future integration of VMware technologies, potentially complicating the management of workloads across a mix of on-premises, public cloud, and private cloud environments. The potential strategic shifts and integration efforts could further complicate workload management.

Solution: Unified Interface for Managing Workloads

Hybr®'s unified management interface simplifies the deployment and management of workloads across various cloud and virtualization environments, providing a single pane of glass for administrators. This reduces complexity and enhances operational agility.


Challenge 4: Scalability and Global Deployment Needs

A significant challenge that many organizations face today is the ability to rapidly provision thousands of Windows or Linux vVirtual Desktops for global workers. This demand for scalability and speed is crucial in today's fast-paced business environment, where time and efficiency can significantly impact operational success. Customers express concerns with VMWare Horizon and are looking for alternative.

Solution: Hybr® Workspace: A Game-Changer for Global Deployments


Challenge 5: Cloud-like Operational Efficiency in VMware vCenter

VMware vCenter is traditionally not designed for multi-tenant or self-service cloud environments, limiting its use in service provider models or large organizations seeking cloud-like operational efficiency.

Solution: Multi-Tenant, Self-Service Cloud Transformation

Hybr® revolutionizes VMware vCenter by transforming it into a multi-tenant, self-service cloud. This enables organizations to offer their users or customers a cloud-like experience with features such as self-service provisioning, role-based access control (RBAC), and advanced billing mechanisms. By leveraging an enterprise-ready, white-labelled platform, Hybr® enhances service delivery, making it more efficient and user-friendly.


Challenge 6: Service Providers acting as Cloud Resellers

Most Service Providers have variety of services they offer, not just VMWare. For example
VMware customers who are also Microsoft CSP direct reseller partner would require an efficient platform to manage and sell Microsoft CSP products, aiming to increase customer lifetime value and enhance loyalty in a competitive landscape.

Solution: Self-Service Portal and Marketplace

Hybr® offers a self-service portal experience and a marketplace for your end customers to not just deliver VMWare workloads, but any service offering such as Microsoft CSP products, other value-added cloud offerings, addressing the need for an efficient management and sales platform that enhances customer loyalty and stickiness to your business.



Hybr®'s innovative solutions offer a way forward for VMware customers in the post-Broadcom acquisition era, addressing critical concerns around vendor lock-in, hybrid cloud operations, costs, support, innovation, workload management, scalability, and operational efficiency. By leveraging Hybr®, organizations can navigate these challenges, ensuring their IT & Cloud infrastructure remains robust, flexible, and aligned with their strategic objectives.

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