How VConnect Supports admin to Create Quotas for Tenants in Azure Stack

Arun Krishnan

How VConnect Supports admin to Create Quotas for Tenants in Azure Stack

VConnect - A powerful extension of Azure stack for VM integration and management

VConnect is a centralized virtual machine management platform that enables a way to integrate VMware VCenter with Azure Stack to have a unified cloud experience

It integrates VMware vCenter with Azure Stack and enables the administrator to define quotas, pricing profiles with different plans for the tenants/end-users and to get usage and billing data. 


How to create quotas via VConnect in the Azure Stack: 

Once the connections are created and configured in the Azure stack plan and offer, it will be added to the quotas and allows the admin to restrict the total number of VMs, VM cores, Memory and Storage sets by a tenant while creating VMs in the subscription. 


Tenant operations such as creating, deleting and re-configuring a VM, etc. can also be configured.  

VConnect - Tenant Portal:

A tenant can create a VM from the tenant portal by clicking New-> Compute and select the template defined by the admin in the quotas.  



After selecting the template, the tenant must fill in the following details: VM name, VM size, etc. to create a virtual machine. 


All the created VMs can see under the VConnect Virtual Machine extension in the tenant portal.  


The Size of the VM, IP address, Power and configuration status can see from the overview of a virtual machine. 


Different power operations such as power off, shutdown, reboot, suspend a VM, reset and put a VM on standby can be performed from the overview blade.  

Console View of the selected virtual machine can see under the VM console extension.  


Tenants can reconfigure the vCPU Core and RAM of the created Virtual Machine. 

Tenants can create an additional disk from the existing VM, and it can be expanded or deleted without the intervention of the admin.

Cloud Assert wants to ease their customers to automate all their workloads, multi-tenant management, deliver unified cloud management and DevOps experience across the hybrid clouds with agility and confidence.  

VConnect has been built with the extensibility in mind.  Almost every single operation for the virtual machines is extensible and customizable.  It has a consistent user experience in service management and administration portals. 


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