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How the killer combo of AI and cloud is greatly impacting IT investment

How the killer combo of AI and cloud is greatly impacting IT investment

Author: Nasir r/Monday, July 22, 2019/Categories: General

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The present business environment creates a lot more opportunities to flourish with cost efficiency and operational structure. Adapting to a cloud platform combined with Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be a double benefit without any compromise in services for the IT sector. IT infrastructure conventional capital investment model is becoming more flexible with the hybrid cloud service model which is influencing many company's expenditures trending globally.

In a recent survey across the globe, IT spending forecasted to $3.79 trillion in total for the year 2019. So that's approximately 1.1% from 2018. Since the US dollar value is shooting sky high, revising IT forecast is required for every quarter. Though a quick reminder for 2019, as there is a steady rise in USD despite uncertainty in economic condition and politics.

Unbelievable growth in cloud

There is going to be a huge shift from traditional non-cloud to new cloud alternatives. This will massively drive the growth in software enterprises. As per the current market forecast, it would reach up to $427 billion this year which is 7.1% higher than $399 billion for last year. This is the largest cloud transition so far in the application software. This shift is due to technology advancement in the cloud platform in recent years.

This transformation is widely streamlined to drive efficiencies, processing business, helping in achieving the company's objectives and gaining competitive advantages. Here is the struggling question that how Artificial intelligence can enhance cloud and boost all its initiatives.

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What is AI?

From self-driven cars to SIRI, artificial intelligence progression is rapid. While most of the sci-fic are portraying AI as human-like robots. Artificial intelligence is a machine capability that can exactly imitate human behavioral intelligence. AI can analyze and evaluate images, naturally interact, comprehend speech and predict using data. AI can be anything like our regular google search to autonomous weapons.

Artificial intelligence research is getting better and advanced day by day. Currently, AI is called as narrow AI. Narrow AI is designed specifically to perform a single task or just a narrow task for example single performance like only web searches or just driving a car or facial recognition. Since research in AI is getting far more advanced, keeping the long-term goal in mind general AI or AGI is being tested. Narrow AI can outperform humans in a specific task like problem-solving, playing music, etc. But AGI might outperform nearly every single cognitive task of humans.

How helpful is AI for the cloud technology?

Be it any business, insights, and data are the heart of their business development. But most of it, is unstructured data. As businesses can gather more relevant data as most of their data would be handy and available due to cloud storage. Machine Learning (ML) model generates larger clusters of data that could be applied to algorithms and this is vital that leverages the cloud.

ML models are designed in such a way that enables various patterns that can be obtained from the existing data. As adequate data is provided, the prediction is accurate and better. For example, if a Machine learning model that can identify a tumor will be trained with thousands and thousands of radiology reports. This sampling pattern can be applied to any type of industries and simple customization on project need is sufficient. To be more precise data will be the required input which might be in various forms like unstructured data, raw data, etc.

Most advanced techniques require combinations of GPUs and CPUs. Virtual machines are now provided by cloud providers which are powerful with GPUs. In recent times, ML tasks are being automated with the help of serverless computing, orchestration of containers and batch processing. IaaS helps in predictive analysis. With AI, the organization can identify key insights, content residing, classification and drive analysis.

Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)

Iaas is most preferred by users. It enables paying based on the services used. It's a flexible plan which includes networks, servers, operating systems, renting storage and virtual machines (VMs)

Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)

This is mainly for web creation and mobile application which will have an infrastructure inbuilt with networks, databases, storage, and servers that do not require constantly managing and updating them.

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

With the help of SaaS, cloud provider and no specific users with task maintenance or management can access the apps over the internet using the web browser on their phone or PC.

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Cloud Assert being one of the most trusted cloud service providers strongly believes in technology advancement can greatly benefit our future. The fusion of Cloud services and Artificial intelligence technology will make a significant revolutionary change in IT industry.

There is a huge investment happening on AI integration with the cloud. Undoubtedly this technology is still in the budding stage, but as we discussed, this evolution is inevitable and we can see phenomenal changes in the future.


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