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Hybr® provides a unified billing experience that helps you manage & automate usage reporting, track metered resource consumption, generate analytical views, and bill customers against subscriptions across private and public cloud platforms. With its comprehensive pricing profile and billing engine, you can assign a monetary value to any service or resource offered. Aggregate costs from various services such as Azure, Amazon, or GCP and generate reports and invoices with costs allocated to companies, departments, and/or teams.

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Cloud FinOps Features

Cost Analysis Workbench

Gain comprehensive insights into your cloud costs and optimize spending. Dive deep into cost breakdowns, identify cost drivers, and implement strategies to maximize cost efficiency.

Events and Action Groups

Unleash the power of integrations through Events and Action Groups. Seamlessly connect with various cloud services and trigger automated actions based on defined events, enabling efficient cost management and optimization.

Cost Data Sources

Unlock cost savings, optimize performance, and make strategic decisions by leveraging diverse data sources. Consolidate and analyze data from multiple platforms, applications, and services to drive data-driven cost optimization initiatives.

Monitor Data Processing

Make informed decisions and identify cost-saving opportunities by monitoring data processing in real-time. Optimize cloud infrastructure, right-size resources, and streamline workflows to ensure efficient and cost-effective data processing.

Cost Allocation

Effectively allocate cloud costs to target entities and gain a granular understanding of cloud spending. Assign costs to specific projects, departments, or teams to track expenses accurately and make informed financial decisions.

Cost Budget

Take control of your cloud spending by setting budgets, tracking expenses, and receiving real-time alerts. Monitor cost thresholds, proactively manage spending, and ensure adherence to budgetary limits to optimize financial management.