Azure CONNECT - Microsoft azure INTEGRATION

  • Azure Connect enables seemless provisioning and management of Azure Public cloud Virtual Machines from private or hosted Windows Azure Pack.
  • Unifed management and provisioning experenice across VMWare, Microsoft Azure and System Center (with native WAP support).
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Usage and Billing - Metered / Consumption Based Cloud Utilization

  • Usage and Billing solution for Windows Azure Pack is a platform for enterprises and service providers to address the need to provide a simple, straight forward Windows Azure Pack resource utilization across various services over time. 
  • Usage and Billing solution enables Windows Azure Pack administrators to configure pricing for more than 100+ resources, maintain multiple Pricing Profiles, integrate with billing systems and generate invoices automatically based on real usage from the end users.
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  • VConnect is a custom extension from Cloud Assert for Windows Azure Pack .VConnect VMWare Integration brings in VMWare vCenter datacenters and clusters inside Azure Pack to provide Virtual Machine provisioning and management functionality to tenant users.
  • VConnect is an extensive platform that has many automation and customization capabilities.
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VCONNECT - Veeam Integration

  • VConnect for Windows Azure Pack with Veeam Integration provides Backup and Restore functionality for System Center (Hyper-V) and VMWare based Virtual Machines from with in Windows Azure Pack Portal.
  • Enables tenant users to schedule backup jobs, manage VM backups, restore from a backup to existing VM or to a new VM.
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Product Release News and Blog

VConnect 2.1.4 for Windows Azure Pack Now Available

Author: Arun Krishnan/Tuesday, February 26, 2019/Categories: Windows Azure Pack, VConnect

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What's New in VConnect 2.1.4?

  1. Service/ Deployment Requests:
    • In the Tenant portal, Included the Refresh button in the Approval tab of the Deployment Requests
  2. Commvault Backups::
    • Usages can be generated for the Commvault VM backups.
  3. Parameter Configurations:
    • Admin has the option to move Parameters from one section/ category to another one.
  4. VMware:
    • Admin can Configure Datastores for creating the VM at the Connection Level.
    • Removal of the A0 (1 Core and 256 MB Memory) Compute Instance Size during the VM Creation in the Tenant Portal.
  5. System Center:
    • Option to hide the CPU and Memory dropdown in VM creation and Dynamically setting the compute instances in the Tenant Portal.
    • Subnets of the System Center Networks can be displayed on the Dashboard page in the Tenant Portal.
  6. Resource Templates:
    • Network Resource Name could be displayed in the VM wizard of the Resource template while creating in the Tenant Portal.
  7. Others:
    • Default Compute Instances configuration at the App settings level.
    • Call Logs in major scenarios in the Controller methods of Deployment requests and Resource templates.


  1. WAP Admin Portal Extension Setup
  2. VConnect API Service
  3. WAP Tenant Portal Extension Setup
  4. VConnect Tool
  5. Setup Document

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