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Hybrid Cloud Management

Cloud Assert hybrid cloud management platform framework is an open ecosystem that consistently supports the entire application lifecycle. This helps developers, IT operations, business leaders, etc in managing resources and applications across the multi-cloud and traditional environments by increasing the visibility, governance, and automation.

Simplified Usage Tracking

Even before thinking about cost optimization and controlling your cloud cost, you need to have a clear understanding of how the cost is originated within the enterprise. It is also essential to know the money spent on services, environment support, and systems. Full visibility into the cost spectrum is crucial to exactly understand the spending pattern of the organization.

IT Service Management and Automation

Enterprises want to ensure that they are keeping up with the current trends of the cloud. Significantly they require to modernize and automate their infrastructure services and data centers, more effectively they can reduce operational cost and can use the cloud power to their fullest.

Cloud Solution Provider

As a reseller, you can sell Microsoft CSP to your customers through Marketplace. Both Tier 1 and Tier 2 are supported. With Cloud Assert CSP, customers can purchase the license and usage-based solutions. Reseller can be charged based on customer purchases. Customers can utilize exclusive in-products tools to provision, support and manage customer subscriptions. Customers can seamlessly pack own tools, services, and products and blend to the annual or monthly bill.


Azure Connect Microsoft azure Integration

Azure Connect Microsoft azure Integration

Azure Connect enables seemless provisioning and management of Azure Public cloud Virtual Machines from private or hosted Windows Azure Pack.

Unifed management and provisioning experenice across VMWare, Microsoft Azure and System Center (with native WAP support).

Usage and Billing metered / Consumption based Cloud Utilization

Usage and Billing solution for Windows Azure Pack is a platform for enterprises and service providers to address the need to provide a simple, straight forward Windows Azure Pack resource utilization across various services over time.

Usage and Billing solution enables Windows Azure Pack administrators to configure pricing for more than 100+ resources, maintain multiple Pricing Profiles, integrate with billing systems and generate invoices automatically based on real usage from the end users.

Vconnect vmware Integration

VConnect is a custom extension from Cloud Assert for Windows Azure Pack .VConnect VMWare Integration brings in VMWare vCenter datacenters and clusters inside Azure Pack to provide Virtual Machine provisioning and management functionality to tenant users.

VConnect is an extensive platform that has many automation and customization capabilities.

Vconnect Veeam Integration

VConnect for Windows Azure Pack with Veeam Integration provides Backup and Restore functionality for System Center (Hyper-V) and VMWare based Virtual Machines from with in Windows Azure Pack Portal.

Enables tenant users to schedule backup jobs, manage VM backups, restore from a backup to existing VM or to a new VM.

A Leader in Hybrid Cloud Management Since 2014

Cloud Assert has been trusted by Fortune 100 Companies as a Leader in Hybrid Cloud Management, Cost Management and Billing since 2014.

Cloud Assert work closely with Microsoft and our customers in building Hybr VConnect and Billing solutions to complement Microsoft Azure Stack adoption and to deliver a powerful hybrid cloud platform.

We're glad that customers can now take advantage of all the great features of Azure Stack without impacting existing infrastructure investments


Ravi C Kolandaiswamy CEO & Founder


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