Azure IOT Cloud Services

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Cloud Assert IoT Dev Stack

Cloud Assert IoT Dev Stack comprises of IoT Modules and Applications that can be used for rapid prototyping, fast track development and scalable deployment of IoT Edge Gateways and Devices using Microsoft Azure IoT Hub and Microsoft Azure Stack Integrated System.


IoT Manager Application

Client Application to manage Iot Hub and Devices

Configure and manage IoT devices and Edge devices

Control Cloud Assert IoT modules and simulated sensors in the devices

Cloud Tracking Support

Cloud Assert modules help developers and end customers to do:

Fast Track Development with Out-of-Box Functionality

Rapid Prototyping and implement Proof-of-Concepts

Azure Stack Support


Storage Support

Store messages and structured sensor data to Table Store

Support for Azure Stack Table Store using Custom Azure Stack Storage library

Diagnostics Logging

Configurable Primary Storage Target and Secondary Storage Targets

Pipe messages to both Primary and Secondary targets. For example, write to both Azure Table Store and to Azure Stack Table Store simultaneously or depending on the configuration.

Multi Sensor Simulator

Add multiple sensors to a single device

Configurable Sensor Data output

Control Sensor measurements

Simulate anomalies or data variations to match real life scenarios (like increasing the Heart Rate or Pressure)

Add to Edge Device or Gateway