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Boosting Efficiency: How Automation Accelerates Growth for
Microsoft CSPs?

Date: 27th June 2024

Time : 11:00 AM IST & 10:00 AM PST

Duration : 1 Hour

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We want to introduce you to a world where your customers independently manage their Office 365 licenses and Microsoft Azure resources, from provisioning to adjustments in license quantities and monitoring usage, all within a seamless, integrated portal.

With the Microsoft's New Commerce Experience (NCE), designed to enhance flexibility and customer satisfaction for seat-based licensing offers, we've evolved the Hybr® Reseller Commerce Platform to fully embrace NCE. This adaptation not only offers your customers a wider array of choices and control over their cloud services but also opens new avenues for CSPs to amplify their growth potential.

Hybr® brings to the table advanced subscription management, streamlined provisioning, precise billing and invoicing, and comprehensive reporting tools—all tailored to empower your business under the NCE framework.

Join Our Live Webinar to Uncover:

  • Strategies to Scale: Unlock the secrets to scaling your Microsoft CSP business by leveraging the power of Automation.
  • Harnessing NCE: Learn how to leverage Microsoft's New Commerce Experience into your business model.
  • Boosting Customer Value: Find Innovative ways to increase customer lifetime value and ensure their continued preference for your services
Exclusive Offer:

Register now and gain 30-day complimentary access to Hybr® for production use. Seize this opportunity to transform your cloud business.

Meet Our Speaker


Palaniappan Venkatachalam
Senior Program Manager-  Cloud Assert