On Demand & Product Demo| March 30, 2023 | Duration: 50 minutes

Enable Data Protection and Extend VM

Storage for Azure Stack Hub



Protecting Azure Stack Hub Tenant Workloads:

Microsoft provides native integration of Azure Backup in Azure Stack Hub portals for protecting tenant workloads. But some customers cannot use Azure backup. It is due to a lack of connectivity or bandwidth to public Azure, regulatory compliance requirements, cost & time for recovery, etc. They ideally need a mechanism to back up the Azure Stack Hub resources within their on-premises datacenter. 

With VConnect RP for Azure Stack Hub, operators can enable end-users to protect their tenant workloads within Azure Stack Hub portals using Dell EMC NetWorker as the backup solution and Dell EMC Data Domain as the backup target.

Extending Azure Stack Hub Storage:

Azure Stack Hub inherently doesn’t allow scaling available S2D storage without adding additional compute nodes. With Dell Isilon, operators can extend the storage without adding additional Azure Stack Hub region nodes.


Operators can allow end-users to create NFS/CIFS file shares in PowerScale based on pre-defined quotas. Also, mount them to Azure Stack Hub VMs, from within the Azure Stack Hub portal using VConnect Resource Provider (RP).

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  • How to protect your Azure Stack Hub Tenant workloads with the Dell Data protection solution?
  • How to extend available storage in the Azure Stack hub with Dell Isilon?
  • What can you achieve through VConnect within Azure Stack Hub?


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