Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI) adoption becomes more mainstream among enterprises, service providers, and highly regulated companies/ industries aiming to rebuild or modernize their IT infrastructure for scalability, flexibility, and resilience without compromising performance and security.


Azure Stack HCI solution empowers you by combining IaaS and PaaS services in a software stack that spans on-premises and Azure public cloud to provide hybrid cloud services to customers.  Thus, the role of HCI becomes vital by enabling day-to-day business functions in today's hybrid cloud world.


We (Cloud Assert) help customers leverage Hybr® Multi-Cloud features, namely Multi-tenancy, Self-service Resource Provisioning & Management, Tenant Networks, Micro-segmentation, Approval Workflows, Governance and Policy Management, Usage Metering, and Backups for Azure Stack HCI.

Watch this webinar where you’ll learn to::

  • How does Hybr® enable multi-tenancy with your Azure Stack HCI clusters?
  • How to deliver a self-service portal experience to customers for IaaS resource provisioning and management?
  • How to bring typical Azure Stack HCI SDN capabilities, namely virtual networks management, access control lists for subnets, etc., in Hybr® and enable micro-segmentation?

 Additionally, you will get 30-day free access to Hybr for your production use. 


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