Cloud Assert has built a native billing resource provider for Azure Stack Hub enables Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) and service administer to define their rate cards for all the available Azure Stack services, resource meters, plans, and offers. The billing solution allows both Admin and Tenant user to see their ongoing usages and their associated cost against Azure Stack Tenant subscriptions right within from their respective portals.

 May 5th, 2021

 8:30 AM & 10:30 PM PST

In this free webinar, Aravind Sundaresan, Director & Arun Krishnan, Sales and Marketing Manager at Cloud Assert, will discuss how to manage and automate usage tracking, monitoring, and reporting against Azure Stack Hub Tenant Subscriptions through Cloud Assert Billing Resource Provider for Azure Stack Hub.

Join us and learn best practices to:

  • Gain visibility into usage and costs against Azure Stack Tenant subscriptions.
  • Setup your own rate cards for all the available metered resources that comes out of the box within Azure Stack Hub.
  • Chargeback your customers in a pure pay-as-you-go model based on the metered resource consumptions.
  • Automate usage tracking, monitoring, and reporting process that caters your customers' specific billing needs.

Additional Benefits:

  • Get free 30-day trial access to Cloud Assert native billing for Azure Stack Hub.
  • Get free consulting at a suitable time to better optimize your Azure Stack Hub with Cloud Assert billing.

Hosted by:


Aravind Sundaresan
Director - Cloud Assert 


Arun Krishnan
Sales and Marketing Manager - Cloud Assert 

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