A Year in Review 2018: Cloud Assert



VConnect for Windows Azure Pack

Service/Deployment Requests:

  • In the Tenant portal, Included Refresh button in the Approval tab of the Deployment Requests.
  • Multilevel approval process can be supported.
  • "My Approvals tab" for displaying the pending and recent approvals.
  • Deployment request drill down tab for listing the details of the VMs, approvals, deployments, etc.
  • Email alerts on approvals and deployment requests.

WAP VConnect 2019 Features & Updates

  • VMware:
    • VM Creation will not use Cache for retrieving the templates from the server.
    • Datastore Hint will display the Connection Datastores as dropdown in the VM Templates in the admin portal.
    • Datastores isolation at Plan Level. Admins can choose the Datastores at the Plan level from the configured Connection Datastores
    • Support for Power CLI 6.5 version. 
    • Validation while adding the Snapshots with same name. 
    • Support for Power CLI versions 6.7 to 11.2 
    • Separate Wix for downloading the signed Vim and its dependent dlls.
    • Migrating of the Virtual machines between the subscriptions 
    • Validation on the name of the VM in the Clone VM Custom Command  
  • System Center:
    • Virtual network creation UI will support adding multiple subnets in the tenant portal.
    • Capturing of the “Update Failed” status of the Virtual Machines in VConnect
  • Azure:
    • Connection wizard to have 2 steps with the fields equally distributed among them in the admin portal. 
    • Validation of the Azure template password before deployment 
    • Added new Default Compute Instances for the Azure Resources. 
    • Handled errors when removing the Networks in “Error Creating” status 
    • Primary Disk Size for the VMs is shown in the Devices Grid. 
  • Networks:
    • Scheduled task for updating the Network details from the server into the Vconnect DB in the tenant portal
    • Tenant Networks removed from the server directly are to be made as “Created Not Found” in the Vconnect DB while syncing.
  • Backups:
    • Time Zone information will be displayed for the tenants in the Create backup schedule wizard.
  • Deployments and Operations:
    • Option to filter out the deployments based on the number of days in the admin portals.
    • Refresh button introduced in the Operations tab in admin and tenant portals.
  • Connections:
    • Windows server connection feature enables the discovery of resources in windows server
    • SQL server connection feature enables the discovery of Databases in SQL server
  • Service Requests/Deployment Request:
    • Edit option for the error-ed deployments of the Service Requests.
    • Edit option in the Deployment Details page.
  • Discovery:
    • Discovery feature (Beta version) enables discovering virtual machines available on VCenter and SPF connections.
    • Discovery feature (Beta version) for discovering of the IIS Websites in the Windows Server Connections.
  • AWS:
    • Added new Default Compute Instances for the AWS Resources.
    • Discovery feature (Beta version) for discovering of the IIS Websites in the Windows Server Connections.
  • Discovery (Beta):
    • User can view the resources discovered in a Discovery Job
    • Creating Jobs for the Discovery of the SQL Server Resources
    • Add Migrations for the Discovered SQL Servers Resource.
  • Announcements:
    • User can view Latest Version Details available in the WAP Admin Portals.
    • Users can view the Release Notes and Updates available in the Latest Versions.
  • Others:
    • VM Template Name will be passed on to the After Customization Script.
    • Plan Name will be passed into the Finalize VM Name script so that the Tenant can create vms with the Plan name prefix.
    • The select menu in the tenant portal will hide the features not supported in the Plan.
    • CustomPropertiesToDisplay appsetting will support both Displayname and Name property for the System Center VMs.
    • Showing of real time compute instances along with the configured values in the Virtual Machines tab in admin portal.
    • VM Templates and Custom Commands will be displayed in sorted order in the Admin and Tenant portal
    • VM Cpu is handled to not insert 0 value in any case.
    • The Updated Time is reflected when VMConfigs data is updated in all places.
    • Appsetting to sync the CPU and Memory of the resources from the Server to VConnect Database.
    • Performance improvements in the Plan Settings page.
    • Show the Created User Name of the Virtual Machine in the Tenant Portal.
    • Allow Admins to Configure Networks when an already Configured Network is removed from the Server.
    • Option to execute the Service Request Scripts in the 64 bit powershell.
  • Engagement Enhancements:

    System Center

    • Configuring of the VMM Powershell execution settings of a separate machine in the System Center Connection


    • Filter in the RMS Users tab in the Admin Portal.
    • Approval Participants selection to be made from the list of users in the Admin Portal.

    Google Clouds

    • Creating a Connection for the Google Cloud in the Admin Portal
    • Creating Virtual Machines in the Tenant Portal
    • RDP of the Virtual Machine.
    • Configuring the Networks in the Plan Settings.
    • Configuring the Admin Networks for the Connection.
    • Power Operation, Reconfiguration of the Virtual Machines.


    • NewtonSoft.Json Version mismatch handled in all the projects
    • Mentioning of the Vconnect API Machine details in the Tenant Site Event Logs
    • Network and User group name validation to be done in the client side.
  • Customer Asks:

    System Center

    • Use the IP Pools from VMM while creating the VM in the Tenant Portal


    • RDP of the VM to list IPV6 addresses also

    Custom Commands

    • Showing of the Description of the parameters below the respective fields in the Tenant Portal.
    • To be able to execute the Custom Commands in remote powershell machine.

    VM Templates

    • Compressing the data going into the URLs so that Parameters with more length can be updated in the Templates.
  • Value-Adds:
    • API Commands for various Operations that are performed by MSP team in the DB.
    • Proper error handling of the Transient errors in the entire application.

    Usage Records

    • Usage Metrics to be stored in the Database rather that fetching every time from the Server


    • Backups and Restore Points to be added and retrieved from the Database

    Operation Logs Enhancements

    • All Operations and their Exceptions, Sacktrace to be logged in the DB
    • API Commands to list the Operation Logs from the DB
  • Bug Fixes:


    • Creating the backup changes the Client Name
    • Fixed issues in Restoring to New Location


    • Show proper restore points for already added Backups when the quota is changed
    • Resource template with Network and VM to list proper Network name in the VM Wizard and create the resources without error
  • Bug Fixes:


    • Handled Errors in Document Upload
    • Handled Errors when Deleting the already assigned Approver from the Tier

    Deployment Requests and Resource Templates

    • Edit Option removed in the Deployment Request Details page for the Approvers.

    VM Templates

    • Custom Section of the Param Spec to be shown in the VM Creation Wizard while creating the VM in the Tenant Portal. 


    • Textboxes for the quota will be cleared out once the ‘Un Limited’ check box is selected.


    • Handled sorting and search in the Backups tab

    System Center

    • Connect button will be disabled until the IP address is retrieved for the VMs.
    • ‘Loading…’ will be displayed until the data source script runs for getting the Subnets or Pools


    • Name validation in the Clone VM Commands.