A Year in Review 2018: Cloud Assert

Welcome to the Cloud Assert Newsletter 2019!

2019 has been an exciting and successful year for Cloud Assert. We have doubled our customers, tripled our team size, released number of updates across our product portfolios and so on ... We got this far only because of some of the great people like you all and the teamwork that made us drive for results and customer success. It has been a fantastic journey so far, and we are happy to serve you in the coming years with a bond of love and trust. 

We have delivered some awesome features through last year enabling Hybrid Cloud scenarios, starting from integrations with top Cloud and Virtualization platforms, Backup service, to taking care of some basics like Role Based Access Control (RBAC), Consistent experience, Bulk Provisioning and Customer Signup and approval workflows. 

All with full self-service and extensible automation support, which reduces IT support and management cost, making the ROI very attractive.

Hybr - Hybrid Cloud Management Platform

Administrator portal primarily designed to manage multi-cloud resources, tenant offers, user accounts, pricing, and quotas, and analyze over-all cloud consumptions from a single pane.

  • Launch Virtual Machines on Browser using Guacamole
  • Tenant Dashboard Usage Widgets
  • Workflow approval for VM Creation via VConnect
  • Additional RDP Security Support in Guacamole

  • CSP Secure Application Flow (MFA) support
  • Launch Virtual Machines on Browser using Guacamole
  • Custom CPU Core and Memory options
  • Re-configuration Workflow Approval