Microsoft® Azure Stack: Multi-Cloud Lifecycle Management, Usage and Billing with Hybr™

Get Ready to maximize Microsoft Azure Stack

With Hybr™ CLM make Azure Stack talk to VMware®, System Center, OpenStack®, AWS™, Azure, Veeam®, Commvault® and more

Consistent DevOps experience with standardized API, Tools and Azure Resource Manager (ARM) Templates to manage and deploy across multi clouds and on-premise virtualization platforms

Integrate Enterprise Business Processes and Approvals with Hybr™ Request Management Workflows to deliver IT Service Management automation

Enable governance and control via policies and quota management

Enable user signup, onboarding, and unified Catalog / Marketplace experience within Azure Stack.

Publish your service catalog as gallery items in the Azure Stack Marketplace

Enable Usage Reporting , Show Back / Charge Back billing scenarios with customizable pricing catalogs

Integrated Microsoft CSP reseller features for Office 365, Azure, Dynamics 365 etc.

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Cloud Assert Team