Manage all your Hybrid Cloud Resources with Hybr® SDX Datacenter

The hybrid cloud management, automation, and integration platform offers a multi-tenant portal experience that enables you provisioning and management of IaaS VMs across VMware vCenter, System Center / Hyper-V, Azure Stack HCI, Azure Stack Hub, Azure, AWS, etc., It provides a single-pane of glass experience for all your cloud needs.

Hybr® SDX Datacenter - An Alternative Platform for Windows Azure Pack

Many enterprises and service providers alike are wondering about the IT roadmap for delivering multi-tenant cloud experience from their Data Center after Windows Azure Pack.

Hybr® SDX Datacenter is an independent platform built by Cloud Assert for cross-cloud self-management and billing automation.

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Cloudify Your VMware vCenter

Turn vCenter into a multi-tenant self-service cloud with Hybr® SDX Datacenter for Rich Management, Automation, and Billing.

Create a true-cloud experience via Hybr®

Cloud Billing, Management & Orchestration

Automate workloads provisioning, resource utilization tracking, usage reporting across multi-cloud platforms and data sources along with approval workflow processes gives you a total control over your customer policies, pricing profiles, subscriptions, invoices, etc., specifically for the chargeback purposes.

Out of the box integrations for VMWare vCenter, System Center/ Windows Server 2016 and beyond, Open Stack, Microsoft Azure, AWS, GCP, Commvault, Veeam, Azure Stack Hub, Azure Stack HCI, XaaS (anything as a service) and more.

Flexible Deployment

  • Integrated UI experience within Azure Stack Hub Portal
  • Portal extension for Windows Azure Pack
  • Cloud Hosted on Microsoft Azure as a SaaS portal
  • On-premise Standalone for Windows Server 2016 and 2019
  • Multiple of the above combinations can be leveraged side by side.

Admin Portal

HYBR Administrator portal helps you to manage your multi-cloud platforms and allow your tenants to provision VMs across those endpoints. It gives you the total control of your tenant subscriptions, invoices, bills, etc., right within your admin portal.

  • Cross-cloud IaaS integrations and Management
  • Ultimate flexibility and control on your Tenant workloads provisioning and deployment
  • Centralized policy management for VM provisioning
  • Usage and Billing for your different services

Tenant Portal

It allows your end-users to manage and provision VMs against their subscriptions, track the resource consumptions and see their ongoing usages in real-time, pay bills right within your tenant portal via the integrated payment gateways like Stripe, PayPal, etc.,

  • IaaS resource provisioning and Management
  • Setup n-tier approval workflows with automated actions
  • Bulk VM Provisioning and Policy Management like VM turn On/ Off, etc.,
  • Visibility into ongoing usages and its associated cost

Key Features

Cross-cloud IaaS Integrations

Provision and Manage VMs, Discovery and Sync, Policy Management, Metering and Monitoring & Scheduled tasks

API endpoints Integration

VM Provisioning/management and Billing services are exposed as API endpoints for integration with existing solutions.

Cloud Orchestration

VM Provisioning & Management, Backups, ITSM, Approval Workflows & Portal extensions for Microsoft Azure Stack and Windows Azure Pack

Cloud Governance & Control

Seamless integrations with existing data centers, public and private cloud. Check Policies, Soft budget, Quota Settings, Utilization Tracking & Auditing

Cloud Discovery & Migration

Automated discovery of workloads & Migration of legacy assets to the cloud

Automated Workflows

Enable VM provisioning via manual and automated workflows with multi-level request/order management and approvals.

Hybr® SDX Datacenter Datasheet

Hybr® SDX Datacenter is a cross-cloud automation and integration platform provides a multi-tenant portal experience that enables you to provision and manage your IaaS VMs across VMware vCenter, System Center / Hyper-V, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Azure Stack, AWS, etc., and related resources on a self-service basis.

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How HYBR Benefits your Organization

Increased IT Efficiency

Centralize Control and Improve Visibility across your Clouds

improved productivity

Single Pane of Experience for all your Cloud Needs

reduced cloud spend

Future-Proof your IT Environments with our Cloud Cost Management


A Leader in Hybrid Cloud Management Since 2014

Cloud Assert has been trusted by Fortune 100 Companies as a Leader in Hybrid Cloud Management, Cost Management and Billing since 2014.

Cloud Assert work closely with Microsoft and our customers in building Hybr VConnect and Billing solutions to complement Microsoft Azure Stack adoption and to deliver a powerful hybrid cloud platform.

We're glad that customers can now take advantage of all the great features of Azure Stack without impacting existing infrastructure investments


Ravi C Kolandaiswamy CEO & Founder

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Streamlining Microsoft CSP Product Reselling via Hybr® for Internal Entities/ Subsidiaries

Simplifying Microsoft CSP Reselling

Author: Praveen R/Wednesday, August 30, 2023/Categories: Products, Hybr

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Are you a Microsoft direct bill partner operating across various countries or regions through your internal divisions or subsidiary companies? Do you seek an automated platform that efficiently manages your CSP products and other service offerings from a single, integrated portal with end-to-end billing solutions? If so, this blog is tailored for you. Don't miss out on these insights.


Simplifying CSP Reselling through Internal Entities/ Subsidiaries


Are You a Microsoft Direct Bill Partner?


If your company operates as a Microsoft direct bill partner, serving diverse markets through internal branches or subsidiary companies, you understand the intricacies of managing multiple entities while delivering seamless service. This can be a complex task, but with the right tools and strategies, the process can be streamlined significantly.

The Scenario: Managing Multiple Subsidiaries or Resellers

To illustrate, let's consider a scenario. Imagine you are a service provider with several subsidiaries, such as Contoso and Fabricom. In this context, your goal is to resell Microsoft CSP license-based products and Azure usage-based offerings through these entities.

In the diagram below, you, the Service Provider, oversee Contoso and Fabricom. These subsidiary companies manage various end customers: C1, C2, … C6. The challenge lies in efficiently coordinating these entities while delivering tailored offerings to each customer.

Hybr Reseller Commerce Platform: Your Solution

Hybr®offers an innovative solution that simplifies the management of multiple subsidiaries, enhancing reselling processes and facilitating effective communication.

Admin Portal

As the service provider, you gain access to the admin portal, granting you complete control. You can enable services for Contoso and Fabricom, manage their offerings, and even establish unique pricing structures for each subsidiary.

Subsidiary or Reseller Portal

Contoso and Fabricom each access a subsidiary portal. These portals empower them to manage their respective end customers and resell your offerings. They have the flexibility to set their pricing, incorporating their markups and discounts on top of your charges.

End Customer Portal

End customers receive access to a dedicated customer portal. Here, they can effortlessly purchase CSP products, gain insights into their billing, access reports, and retrieve invoices.

The Onboarding Process

To fully leverage Hybr® for your reselling needs, a straightforward onboarding process is necessary:

  • Configure Partner Center Settings: Service providers should configure their partner center settings within Hybr® to onboard themselves seamlessly.
  • Onboard Subsidiaries or Resellers: Once configured, you can onboard your subsidiaries by enabling product types and setting up pricing structures tailored to each entity's needs.
  • Set Up Plans and Offers: In the admin portal, service providers can create diverse plans and offers, outlining the products and services they wish to resell. Subsidiaries can do the same while incorporating their own pricing.
  • Onboard End Customers: You, as the service provider, can directly onboard end customers into Hybr®. Alternatively, your subsidiaries or resellers can manage this process, allowing customers to explore and purchase offerings while accessing vital billing information.


Effortless Purchasing and Management

Navigating the purchasing process for CSP offerings has never been simpler for end customers. In just a few clicks:

  • Configure Partner Center Settings: Service providers should configure their partner center settings within Hybr® to onboard themselves seamlessly.
  • Customize and Purchase:They can tailor their purchase by choosing quantities, term durations, and billing plans. A single click seals the deal.
  • Streamlined Updates: Service providers should configure their partner center settings within Hybr® to onboard themselves seamlessly.For any adjustments, customers can revisit their purchased licenses, increase, or decrease quantities, provided the cancellation window remains open.

The streamlined process offered by Hybr® enhances the customer experience while enabling service providers, subsidiaries, or resellers to efficiently manage their offerings. Make the most of this comprehensive platform to propel your CSP reselling endeavours to new heights.




For service providers operating through internal divisions, subsidiaries, or resellers, the Hybr® Reseller Commerce Platform presents an invaluable solution.

Simplify management, enhance communication, and streamline the purchasing process for your customers. Unite your entities under a single, powerful platform and witness the transformation of your CSP reselling experience.


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