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Why Cloud Assert's Billing Solution is one of the powerful tool for all your billing needs

Why Cloud Assert's Billing Solution is one of the powerful tool for all your billing needs

Cloud Assert's usage and billing solution is a robust function that makes integration simple and takes away all enterprise struggles

Author: Anonym/Wednesday, August 7, 2019/Categories: Microsoft Azure Stack, Windows Azure Pack, Microsoft Azure, Products, Hybr, Usage and Billing

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Public or private cloud has been standing tall in the growing popularity and renowned providers like Microsoft Azure, Google is gaining more and more customers each day. But there are huge concerns about the cost even though these providers announce many competitive prices and benefits. Many enterprises are being charged for unnecessary services resulting in high charges. Luckily enterprises can avoid unnecessary billing expenditure with smart billing solutions strategy.

When enterprises adopt cloud transition, they need to make sure whether they have billing solution in place where it can monitor all their expenditure, bill their monthly expenses as they progress by migrating their services to cloud providers.

Migrating to the cloud offers enormous benefits to the organization, it also exposes some challenges. Prime benefits like

  • Control
  • Security
  • Scalability etc.

But organizations should understand the impact of cloud migration. The most common challenge faced by any organization is forecasting and tracking usage, while the lack of visibility and transparency is less talked about.

Cloud assert's usage and Billing solution

Cloudassert's usage and billing solution is a robust function that makes integration simple and takes away struggles like IT assistance and points tools etc. The best and one of its kind usage and billing solution for Windows Azure Pack, Microsoft Azure Stack, and Hybr - Hybrid Cloud management platform. The agility quickly speeds up to the competitive market and recognize the opportunities. Cloudassert's billing platform lets the user view their usage cost and analyze the report

Windows Azure Pack - Usage and billing solution

Usage and Billing solution for Windows Azure Pack is a platform for enterprises and service providers to address the need to provide a simple, straight forward Windows Azure Pack resource utilization across various services over time. Usage and Billing solution enables Windows Azure Pack administrators to configure pricing for more than 100+ resources, maintain multiple Pricing Profiles, integrate with billing systems and generate invoices automatically based on real usage from the end-users.

It is a flexible solution that covers various scenarios such as:


similar to Azure. Users can have an overall credit of say x Amount and they are free to use any resource for that x amount. Excess usage automatically billed based on utilization.


similar to popular service provider offerings. Users buy a bundle of resources in advance, like x CPU, y DB Size, z Websites. The only usage that exceeds these included unit credits will be invoiced.


there will be no included credits at the plan level or the resource level. All the users will be invoiced based on metered resource values.

Microsoft Azure Stack - Usage and billing solution

Cloudassert's usage and billing solution for Microsoft Azure Stack lets the user view their usage cost and analyze the report. Our API allows various methods to programmatically manage your billing solution. Our data analysis goes beyond just billing - it gets into the actual data for better accuracy.

The Cloud Assert Billing Solution is a tool which can enable chargeback for resources utilized in Cloud Platforms such as Microsoft Azure stack.

Metered Resource Pricing

The resource will be computed based on the price set for the subsequent meter. The list of meters that are used to set different prices for different resources.

Usage History

The usage history allows the user to view the usage costs and viewing current month usage and displays the previous usage cost.


Invoices will be generated every month for all the assigned users. Previous billing cycles can also be viewed.

HYBR - Usage and Billing solution

Hybr is a rich and fastest cross-cloud automation and integration platform. It offers a multi-tenant portal experience that enables automation of workloads provisioning and management of IaaS VMs and related resources along with workflows and approval processes on a self-service basis. HYBR facilitates infrastructure services that help to manage Virtual Machines of different cloud service providers through a single portal. True native billing solution for Azure Stack and Windows Azure Pack as a service to chargeback the end customers.

1. Battle proved, flexible pricing profile.

2. CSP license purchase

3. Visibility into usages, costs, and invoices

4. Run Promotions and include credits at the Plan level, metered resource level, and User level

5. Enable monthly flat-rate billing for subscriptions as against actual consumption

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