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Cool your pocket and stop burning cloud expense

Cool your pocket and stop burning cloud expense

Author: Anonym/Wednesday, September 18, 2019/Categories: Products, Hybr

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The challenges like managing cost and understanding are alarming as it sounds for any enterprises who seek to throw extensive resources and focus into cloud strategies just to compete with the demands faster 

time to market, improved performance, and competitive edge.

And while current wisdom maintains that a hybrid cloud solution — a mixture of public and private cloud environments and on-premises systems — is still the answer for many organizations to achieve business goals, the worries over wasted spend persist. Fortunately, there are now viable ways to address waste with hybrid clouds.


Advantages and disadvantages of public cloud


Contract with service providers such as Azure or AWS means that the enterprises are using public cloud and substantially renting a part of their data center infrastructure. The public cloud offers cloud infrastructure as a service (IaaS). They deliver huge economies of scale, fully automated, scale elastically. So, it is close to impossible for any on-premises data center to offer competitive efficiency or the price.


Advantage of public cloud




Public clouds are highly reliable due to the vast services spread across multiple data centers.


Up and down scalability


In the public cloud, scalability both up and down is almost unlimited because of the on-demand in cloud resources. 


Less capital expenditure


In the public cloud, enterprises can own their data center equipment which means they don't have to purchase any new types of equipment. 


Disadvantage of public cloud


Higher operational cost


As the public cloud is known for its flexible scale performance, it also comes with a slightly higher price tag as cost - per - hour - fees.


Minimal control over data


Enterprises may never know under what location or other restrictions - their data is being operated. 


Advantages and disadvantages of private cloud


If an enterprise has a dedicated cloud infrastructure set up which means they are using a private cloud. The private cloud can be managed by the enterprise itself or they can hire a third-party service and host it off-premises or in their datacenter.


Advantages of private cloud




Data and applications remain behind the firewall and accessible only to the authorized users which makes the private cloud more secure and suitable for storing and processing sensitive data.




Ability to move sensitive or non-sensitive data depending on the demand to accommodate to Private cloud to the public cloud or to any other setup to move.


Great customization and control


Custom made as per the server requirement based on the enterprise’s preferences.


Disadvantages of private cloud




For maintaining and operating a data center, business software, and IT hardware with own compliance and security. 


High cost


Initial charges and repaying the cost of the purchased equipment are high. 


Amplify your business with HYBR


Hybr is a rich and fastest cross-cloud automation and integration platform. It offers a multi-tenant portal experience that enables automation of workloads provisioning and management of IaaS VMs and related resources along with workflows and approval processes on a self-service basis.


HYBR provides an unbeatable cloud platform for anyone to build efficient applications. Stabilized cloud for organizations that helps them in making accurate decisions with precise business specifications while minimizing the resources and expenditure.


HYBR helps the applications in the on-premises environment and delivers assistance in the data-center. Yet some cloud-based apps may fumble due to mandate, abeyance and intermittent connectivity. HYBR being a genius in the Hybrid Clouds platform and automating Virtual machine Deployment helps customers in numerous ways.


Benefits of Hybrid Cloud Management platform

Agility without any compromise in control


Self-service is greatly embraced by enterprises and take up the advantages of multiple platforms and speed up and choice provided. Still, IT required sprawling to maintain security, data centers, and cost control and standard compliance. Hybr delivers agility without giving up on compliance, costs or security.


End to end orchestration for IT process


IT processes and business automation with a proven solution, orchestration capabilities, and enterprise-grade. The out-of-the-box comprehensive solution includes flexible support.


Customized self-services for different users


Hybr offers a hybrid cloud management platform that serves multiple users. Based on their environments and identity they operate; different types of users can only view the options and resources relevant to them. 


Hybr benefits:


  1. IaaS VM provisioning and management across VMware vCenter, System Center / Hyper-V, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Azure Stack, AWS
  2. Backup and restore VMs using Veeam, CommVault.
  3. Enable VM provisioning via manual and automated workflows with multi-level request/order management and approvals.
  4. Integrate with XaaS (anything as a service) via PowerShell scripts.
  5. VM Provisioning/management and Billing services are exposed as API endpoints for integration with existing solutions.
  6. Capture usage, report and bill resource utilization and service charges.
  7. The white labelable portal helps differentiate and customize for your organization.
  8. First-class Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) security integrated with Active Directory or Azure AD
  9. Available as an independent portal experience or as portal extensions for Microsoft Azure Stack and Windows Azure Pack.

HYBR provides an unbeatable cloud platform for anyone to build efficient applications. Stabilized cloud for organizations that helps them in making accurate decisions with precise business specifications while minimizing the resources and expenditure. Centralized control for monitoring complaint services, performance management, and resource utilization. For security management and better reporting, other management tools also can be integrated. Kindly write your feedback to


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