Introducing Hybr® Saas

A Comprehensive Automation Platform for Microsoft Direct CSPs

Cloud Platform Migration Services


Cloud Platform Migration Services

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All features includes

Microsoft CSP Automation Platform 

Offer a richest self-service portal with ultimate marketplace and billing experience for your customers

Leverage Hybr® Reseller Commerce Platform to effortlessly grow your Microsoft Cloud Service business!

New Commerce Experience supported CSP journey

Migrate legacy CSP subscriptions to New Commerce Experience

Self-service portal experience for customers

Approval workflows & automatic provisioning mechanism

Update, Suspend the licenses at any time without delay

Billing and commerce platform

Flexible pricing models with show/ chargeback mechanism

Apply promotions credits & discounts

Usage history and reports based on billing periods

System generated invoices

Bundle your own cloud offerings with Microsoft CSP services

Bundle your own cloud offerings with Microsoft CSP services

Forecast and usage visibility insights

Assign the purchased license to a specific user