From Chaos to Control: Mastering Cloud Billing for any Service or Product

Date:12th December 2023

Time : 12:00 PM CEST & 10:00 AM PST

Duration : 1 Hour

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How can you effectively bill any metered resource in the cloud to optimize revenue streams for your business? What are the essential features of a SaaS cloud billing solution that can drive your business' growth? Why should your cloud billing solution offer robust integration capabilities to streamline operations and enhance customer experiences?

Join us on the webinar, 'Mastering Cloud Billing for any Service or Product,' where we address these questions and the topics below.

  • Core constructs (e.g., usage, meters) and minimum requirements for building a cloud billing system.

  • Dynamic pricing models with illustrative examples and scenarios including list prices, marked-up prices, and profit calculations.

  • The importance of a rich and self-service marketplace experience.

  • Benefits of having custom user experiences tailored to different org roles.

  • Analyzing cloud business health or cloud cost trends using Business Intelligence dashboards and reports.

  • The key APIs to integrate your cloud billing system with various services.

  • Integrating your billing system with your PSA or ERP platforms using events and webhooks.

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Meet Our Speaker


Palaniappan Venkatachalam
Senior Program Manager-  Cloud Assert 

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