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Hybrid Cloud Management Solutions for Azure Pack | VConnect

VConnect™ for Windows Azure Pack

Hybrid Cloud Solution

Trusted by Fortune 100 Enterprises and Service Providers across the globe

VConnect as a cross platform integration solution enables Hybrid Cloud scenarios for Enterprises and Service Providers. Some of the key features of VConnect include:

Ease of Use

Enterprise Grade



Metered Usage and On-Demand Scale

VMware® vCenter Integration

Backups & Snapshots

On-Demand Configuration

Customizable Templates

User Quotas & Granular Control


Azure Connect

Manage Azure IaaS resources from within Windows Azure Pack portal

Enable granular Azure subscription resource management and quota management

Add custom functionality for Azure resources with just few clicks to automate any tasks


Admin Operation Templates & trade

VConnect Operation Templates are now available for customers

Custom Commands

Ability to let Administrator add any new functionality for the end users

Custom Display Properties

Ability to show the required Custom Properties for VM as field in VM grid

Performance counter graphs

The performance charts are shown in VM tab which graphically display CPU and memory for the virtual machine

AutoSync Subscription Assets

Allows to auto sync VMs created manually in VSphere

Videos and Sessions

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Microsoft Azure Stack Billing - Integrated Admin UI

Windows Azure Pack VMware Integration via VConnect