Azure Connect for Windows Azure Pack

Azure Connect for Windows Azure Pack is now generally available along with several other additions to VMware vCenter integration as part of the VConnect v1.8.1 January 2016 release update.

Azure Connect enables management of Azure virtual machines within Windows Azure Pack. Combined with Azure Resource Management extension, users and administrators get visibility to all Azure resources from Windows Azure Pack. These new additions combined with WAP and VConnect now enables enterprises and service providers to offer hybrid cloud offerings with ability to manage and provision Virtual Machines across VMware vCenter, System Center Hyper-V (with native WAP support) as well as the public cloud infrastructure on Microsoft Azure.

Feature Highlights

Key features and scenarios enabled by Azure Connect and VConnect Platform:

  • Control who, what and how resources gets deployed to Microsoft Azure
  • Allocate # of VMs, CPU Cores, Memory and other quotas to WAP users and teams on Azure Public cloud
  • Resource isolation per WAP tenant on Microsoft Azure with Resource Groups and on VMWare with Resource Pools
  • Robust automation and distributed deployment engine for Azure hosted on your premise
  • Automate all validations, compliance checks, VM configurations and add any business process's
  • Simplify your end users and developers experience by helping them apply the right configurations by default (with admin defaults)
  • Empower DevOps - deploy / scale at will - with the peace of mind of doing it the right way and with compliance to enterprise process's
  • Consistent experience and single place of management for Virtual Machines in VMWare and Microsoft Azure public cloud
  • Automate all your support tasks using Command Extensions for WAP Self-Service Tenant Portal
  • You can choose to abstract (or show) the fact that a VM is created on public cloud (in Microsoft Azure) or in your datacenter on VMWare
  • Choise of using the same Azure Subscription for multiple users and teams in WAP with different levels of quotas per team

Tenant Scenarios

Create new Azure VMs

Delete existing Azure VMs

Connect to Azure VMs using RDP

Manage VMs in Azure, such as Power operations, creating snapshots, configuring CPU/ memory

Admin Scenarios

Enable DevOps and Production deployments to Azure with centralized access control

Restrict quotas like number of VMs and cores

Track Azure VM usage for billing purposes

Control and Customize VM provisioning at three levels – VM Templates, Operations Templates, and ARM Templates

Resource Management using ARM

Azure Resource Manager (ARM) templates to deploy VMs to Azure public cloud

RBAC for Tenants to provision and manage resources in Azure, with individual Resource Groups per WAP Subscription

Optional ARM extension for management of Azure resources linked to the VMs

Customize and Extend Azure VM Provisioning

Use Operations Templates to customize provisioning and de-provisioning flow

Add custom or legacy deployment steps, such as, creating an entry in CMDB, Send an email etc.

Invoke Runbooks, 3rd party services, or tools

Leverage Custom Command extensions to automate all and any support tasks

Custom Commands Library

Out-of-the-box Custom Commands to Add Disk, Expand Disk and Delete Disk

Import or export custom commands as .zip archives from or to a local file share

Import Custom Commands from a central library hosted in GitHub

Azure Resource Management Tenant Extension


List ALL Azure public cloud resources for the given WAP User

Simple Management Operations inline


Fully functional free trial for Windows Azure Pack. 

Install today to see the benefits and ROI by providing unified provisioning, management and enterprise automation experience for Microsoft Azure and VMWare platforms.

Deploy Virtual Machines (IaaS) to Microsoft Azure or VMWare vCenter - with choise of abstracting the underlying platform to your end users.

“The Cloud Assert team has been fantastic to work with. 

Highly effective at communication, understanding our needs, very impressive initiative and efficiency.  Expressing our deadline to meet our requirements to go live, the Cloud Assert team provided us immediate results, all the while working with us on any and all customization we requested to bring the product in our environment to its full potential.

- Fortune 100 Customer


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